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The first Miss Teen International contest was launched on Wednesday, April 4, 1966 in Hollywood and was hosted by Adam West, star of TV's Batman, with guest appearances by actresses Mia Farrow and Barbara Parkins, actors Vic Morrow and John Astin, singers Robert Goulet and Sonny & Cher, and 1965 Miss Teen USA Susan Henning.
The first Miss Teen International winners include Swedish former actress Ewa Aulin in 1966, 17-year-old Norwegian Alice Alfeim in 1967, Australian Janette McLeod, winner of the Miss Teen International pageant telecasted on ABC TV on April 13, 1968 and model Mary Louise Lewis from England who captured the title at Hollywood in 1969.

In 1993 a version based in Costa Rica began under the direction Enrique Gonzalez and it was held through 2014. Notable winners of this era include TV presenter Yaraliz Lasanta, Miss Universe contestants Fabriella Quesada, Teresa Rodriguez, Mayra Matos, Nazareth Cascante, Adriana Paniagua and Valerie Hernandez crowned Miss International in Japan.

A new version of the Miss Teen International pageant held annually based in Guayaquil, Ecuador, it began its operation as "Miss Teenager International" since it was launched on Monday July 28, 2014 at the Auditorium of the Anthropological and Contemporary Art Museum, MAAC, event which Fabiola Ortiz of Bolivia was the winner of the 2014 title.

The Miss Teen International trademark with expedient number SENADI 2019 1517 by the National Service for Intellectual Rights of the Republic of Ecuador was published in -The Gazette of Intellectual Rights- no. 647 and was granted under the provisions of Resolution SENADI_2019_ RS_8989 to Rodrigo Moreira its holder on May 21, 2019. View Files

The 19-year-old model Luciana Begazo was become the first Peruvian to win the Miss Teen International title in history, achieving appearances in magazines and media.
The current winner is Maria Alejandra Royo of Panama crowned as Miss Teen International 2020 in a TV studio after the contest wasn't held due to the pandemic.

Rodrigo Moreira
Rodrigo Moreira

CEO President

Miss Teen International

Over the past 20 years, Rodrigo Moreira has made a career in the world of beauty pageants.

In 2012, he founded the Miss Teen Earth pageant and began his career as a Businessman.
That same year he bought all the rights to the Miss Teen Ecuador pageant established in 1974.

Two years on, with the aim of protecting their contestants under the age of 18, the Organization presided by Rodrigo Moreira decided to create its own competitions mainly in the teenage segment, which later of many years of work are gaining international recognition and prestige.

Each competition mentioned is independently operated, each one has its own mission and vision, working team, sponsors and the selection of its winners is based in the requirements of each contest.