Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Miss Teen International?
A - Miss Teen International is the name of independently operated annual competition currently being held in Ecuador for teen girls of all nationalities aged 15-19 yrs.
The Miss Teen International pageant is not just a beauty contest, we are looking much more than a pretty face.

Q - Who organise Miss Teen International?
A - The competition is hosted by Rodrigo Moreira, Ecuadorian businessman, has more than 20 years experience in the modeling world and beauty pageants.
Rodrigo is Chairman of the Miss Teen Ecuador Organization, 10 years ago, founder of the Miss Teen Earth pageant and another beauty contests in Ecuador.

Q - Do you have any trademark registration?
A - Yes. We are holder/licensee of the Miss Teen International trademark granted by the National Service of Intellectual Property - SENADI. View Section

Q - Do I have to win a National Pageant to compete?
A - You do not need to win a national title or have previous pageant experience to participate.

Q - What's the benefit of competing?
A - Our contestants tend to be the leaders of its communities. Whether or not you win a title, the experience and dealing with delegates across the world propel to success.

Q - Is there a talent competition?
A - No, there is no talent competition, only there are Interview, Swimsuit & Evening Gown.

Q - Are you associated with Miss International?
A - We are in no way affiliated with this competition. Miss Teen International is a teen pageant held in Ecuador.

Q - When will the Miss Teen International pageant be held?
A - The Miss Teen International pageant is typically held in July/August of each year, but due to the Covid19 pandemic it will not take place on these dates.

Q - What streaming platform does Miss Teen International have?
A - The pageant final will be streaming live online at our Youtube Channel. View Youtube Channel.

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